We love maths because ...
Promoting a positive attitude towards the study of Maths and encouraging young people to study the appropriate Maths for their future studies and careers is a key role for maths hubs. South Yorkshire Maths Hub aims to support teachers and schools to challenge, engage and inspire their students.
There are a number of ways in which colleagues can enhance their pupils' experiences of Maths and and mathematical study and we hope to provide a growing number of ideas and helpful materials to enable this.
Special presentation events
Whether it's hosting a visiting speaker or taking students to a presentation, out of classroom events can inspire young people. There are often a number of opportunities throughout the year for a wide range of ages. SYMH will publicise these and where possible give support and advice to teachers to enable participation.
Competitions & challenges
Year 10 maths feast & Year 9 summer snacks
Senior Team Maths Challenge
Fun maths roadshow
Independent research
Wild Maths
Extra-curricular sessions
Maths & STEM clubs
Royal Institute Masterclasses
University outreach programmes and STEP preparation
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