Supporting GCSE Mathematics as a Post-16…

06-06-2018 Hits:1015

  Supporting GCSE Mathematics as a Post-16 Resit   Overview This project will run again in 2019/2020. There are two broad aims for this project. First, to explore effective ways of teaching key...

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Embedding Technology

26-07-2017 Hits:539

   Embedding Technology    Overview This NCP and its Work Groups aim to develop and sustain regional communities of practice involving collaboration between teachers in embedding technology into their teaching of Core Maths, A...

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Supporting Core Maths

30-12-2014 Hits:499

  Supporting Core Maths   Overview This Work Group consists of direct partnership working between the Maths Hubs Network and the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP). The success of Core Maths depends in...

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Post 16

08-11-2014 Hits:600

Click on Sub-Headings for links to information pages;     Embedding Technology (in Level 3 Mathematics)   Core Maths Work Group   Supporting Post-16 GCSE Resit Work Groups       Post 16 & L3 Maths lead and Co-ordination group     In this...

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