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Post 16 & L3 Maths lead and Co-ordination group
In this period of "post Smith Review" change and development in post 16 mathematics would appear to be continuing for some time to come. Led by Time Squire the SYMH's coordination group will continue to work closely with other strategic partners. The Further Maths Support Programme in particular offers resources and support to schools and colleges and the co-ordination group will seek to enable SYMH to supplement this with further support, advice and opportunities for schools.
Many students see GCSE Maths as the end of their Maths study despite the government and educationalists agreeing upon the importance of Maths in preparing young people for further study and training. A fundamental aim of the SYMH is to encourage the participation of students post 16 in the study of mathematics that is most appropriate for them. Subsequently there is a need for schools and colleges to provide appropriate opportunities to students to enable them to have this choice and opportunity.
Schools and colleges wishing for support and advice about how best to provide these post 16 opportunities can contact the South Yorkshire Maths Hub at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
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