Primary TfM Embedding Work Groups

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  Primary TfM Embedding Work Groups (Continuing on from Primary Teaching for Mastery) Overview This Work Group is a part of the continuing programme to embed the Teaching for Mastery approach. There is an expectation that...

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Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Mathem…

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  Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics Programmes    Primary School Teachers   There is more to subject knowledge than being able to do the maths yourself. The Primary SKE Work Group develops primary teachers’ mathematical...

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Mixed Age Planning

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    Teaching for Mastery Focused Issue Work Group: Mixed Age Planning in the context of teaching for mastery   Overview The project will involve the trialling and reviewing of a range of approaches to...

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Intervention in a Mastery Context

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  Teaching for Mastery Focused Issue Work Group: Intervention in a Mastery Context    Overview   This Work Group is a professional development workgroup that supports schools, teachers and teaching assistants at various stages of their...

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Lesson Design

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Teaching for Mastery Focused Issue Work Group: Designing Lessons: depth of learning for all   Overview The project will focus on designing effective lessons, making use of key resources such as the Primary Mastery...

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Mastery Readiness

31-10-2017 Hits:1035

  Mastery Readiness Work Groups   Download the Application Form here   Overview Mastery Readiness is the programme that precedes the Teacher Research Groups (TRGs) with the Mastery Specialists. Beginning in the Autumn Term 2019 and continuing...

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Primary TfM Mastery Development 2019/20

17-08-2016 Hits:402

  Primary Mathematics Teaching for Mastery Work Groups Information and Application Form for 2019-20 Overview In 2019/20, all Maths Hubs will be running primary mathematics Teaching for Mastery Work Groups led by Mastery...

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  Click on Sub-Headings for links to information pages;   Lesson design   Intervention in a mastery context   Mixed Age Planning   Y5 - Y8 Continuity   Teacher & Teacher Assistant Subject Knowldege Enhancement   Primary TfM Embedding Work Groups   Primary TfM Mastery...

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