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We aim to keep you informed of the latest news and opportunites for engaging with local maths development. 

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Each month, SYMH publishes an e-newsletter for each Primary & Secondary & Post 16 phases, that are emailed to all subscribers on our distribution lists.

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Colleagues are encouraged to contribute to our newsletters and the website. We would be pleased to hear of your experiences and particularly success stories with your children that you wish to share.

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IRIS Connect

What is IRIS Connect?

Originally set up as a system for teachers to record their own teaching through video capture on a secure and convenient platform IRIS Connect now has the additional feature of being able to host training materials in a secure and useful format. It is now easier to sign up for the FREE content licence via this webpage.


How will this benefit my school?

This will allow all schools to access free of charge training materials developed by the Hub and a platform for schools to benefit from previous workgroups as well as engage with new ones.

 barlogik icon

The KS2/3 "Developing Problem Solving using Bar Models" research work group materials are now available.

Additional work groups being developed that intend to share exemplar material and professional development videos include; 

  • Creating teaching for mastery resources
  • Mental agility & subitising research
  • Lesson Study
  • Arithmetic development

In addition to Primary & Secondary based teaching materials.

Problems getting your licence?

Schools can email Katie Adams at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Newsletters & Updates

Each month, SYMH publishes an e-newsletter "Update" for each of the phases, Primary, Secondary & Post 16.

We email all subscribers on our distribution list as appropriate, you can opt to be sent any or all of these or access them via this page. Newsletter Updates are available below from 2016 and copies can be downloaded from the list below. 


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We welcome contributions to both this website and upcoming newsletters. Please feel free to drop us an email with news of your or your students' achievements and successes that you'd like to share.


E-newsletter updates


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All previous years' e-newsletters can be found as PDFs at the bottom of this page

Working Together

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E-newsletter updates from SYMH


What is A Work Group?


SLE School Improvement Programme


PD Lead Programme



Local Teaching Schools and Alliances

There are a number of TSAs across the region many provide specific and bespoke support to schools

Each have been invited to publicise what specific Maths support they can offer schools.



If you have anything you would like to advertise via the South Yorkshire Maths Hub website please contact Tara Webster at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Supporting Core Maths

  • Published in Post 16


Supporting Core Maths



This Work Group consists of direct partnership working between the Maths Hubs Network and the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP). The success of Core Maths depends in part on the growth of the pool of teachers, schools and colleges with the necessary expertise, experience and enthusiasm to teach it. This project will contribute to the wider national effort to grow that pool and embed Core Maths confidence and culture within school and college maths departments.


    • Participants will understand the philosophy of Core Maths, with its approach to maths through contextualised problem-solving, appreciate the different Core Maths qualifications available and be able to choose the course appropriate for their students.
    • Through collaboration and experimentation, participants will develop improved teaching approaches that fit the open-ended problem-solving skills students need to develop and also share these with departmental colleagues.
  • Participant departments will support the role of Core Maths in promoting contextualised problem-solving and links to other teaching.

Students in participant schools and colleges will take and succeed at Core Maths in increasing numbers.


To Register your interest in this Work Group Click Here

Joining a Work Group will require you to have an 
NCETM username for the final evaluation.

Click here to show you how to find yours or create an account, it is FREE!



Post 16

  • Published in Post 16
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Post 16 & L3 Maths lead and Co-ordination group
In this period of "post Smith Review" change and development in post 16 mathematics would appear to be continuing for some time to come. Led by Time Squire the SYMH's coordination group will continue to work closely with other strategic partners. The Further Maths Support Programme in particular offers resources and support to schools and colleges and the co-ordination group will seek to enable SYMH to supplement this with further support, advice and opportunities for schools.
Many students see GCSE Maths as the end of their Maths study despite the government and educationalists agreeing upon the importance of Maths in preparing young people for further study and training. A fundamental aim of the SYMH is to encourage the participation of students post 16 in the study of mathematics that is most appropriate for them. Subsequently there is a need for schools and colleges to provide appropriate opportunities to students to enable them to have this choice and opportunity.
Schools and colleges wishing for support and advice about how best to provide these post 16 opportunities can contact the South Yorkshire Maths Hub at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
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