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Intervention in a Mastery context

Intervention in the Mastery Context helps schools that teach for mastery in mathematics to support their struggling learners. The 3-day Work Group is for a teacher and a teaching assistant to join together, focusing on mastery and on managing catch-up and keep-up interventions.

Intervention in the Mastery Context is a professional development course that supports schools, teachers and teaching assistants at various stages of their adoption of a mastery approach to teaching mathematics. It develops participants’ understanding of the nature and practice
of mastery and it explores effective intervention strategies, linked to class lessons, that enable struggling learners both to catch up
and to keep up. It does not focus on a specific intervention programme. Participants can apply their learning more widely, by developing
their mathematics teaching and support for all pupils and by sharing their practice with colleagues.

  • The course is for experienced teachers and teaching assistants who work with the same class and share an interest in teaching mathematics.

  • On face-to-face days they are introduced to new ideas through input, dialogue and discussion.

  • In school-based gap tasks, they work together to try out new ideas from the course. They diagnose mathematical difficulties within their class and decide how best to address their learners’ needs.

  • They review the outcomes of the gap tasks with colleagues from other schools at the next face-to-face day

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