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Supporting Low Attainers to Achieve a L2 Qualification in Maths 

During Years 10 and 11 it becomes clear that some students will need to continue in their studies to achieve a Level 2 maths qualification. This NCP considers the learning experience of these students in order to provide a better consistency to their learning across KS4 and Post-16. 

The aim of this Work group is that participants departments will become more effective in supporting students whose path toward a Level 2 qualification crosses phases of education. 


Who can take part?

This is for teachers of GCSE Maths, and for those teaching GCSE Maths resit and/or Functional Skills Maths. Participants may be based in secondary schools, UTCs, FE colleges, Sixth Form colleges, schools with post-16 provision, or other post-16 settings.


What is involved?

This is for teachers whose students will study Level 2 maths across secondary and post-16. Teachers of Years 10 and 11, and of post-16 GCSE Maths resit and/or Functional Skills Maths, will develop ways to support students who need to study maths beyond age 16 to achieve a L2 qualification.

Work Groups will focus on developing transferable teaching techniques aligned to teaching for mastery. Participants will attend three full-day workshops and complete practice-based tasks between sessions.

What will you learn?

  • Your students will demonstrate a positive attitude to maths

  • You will ensure that lesson design and pedagogy demonstrate a secure knowledge of curriculum continuity and sequencing

  • You will understand the importance of consistency of language and representations relating to specific curriculum areas

  • You and your colleagues will make collaboration a normal part of transition, supporting students continuing to work towards a L2 maths qualification

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