Mathematical Thinking for GCSE

Mathematical Thinking for GCSE is a Work Group aimed at Teachers of KS4 maths who wish to further develop their pedagogical and theoretical understanding of what it means to develop mathematical thinking, and practical classroom strategies to explore these ideas.

This Work Group is designed to meet teachers’ needs in that it offers both practical and theoretical elements to address a key concern (GCSE attainment), while offering a manageable structure for collaborative CPD:

1. To offer teachers support so that they are better equipped to help all pupils develop their mathematical thinking, ultimately preparing them for the challenges of the GCSE and beyond

2. To support teachers in understanding and using participation in a Work Group as the basis of collaborative continued professional development for themselves and within their department.

Mathematical Thinking is one of the Five Big Ideas for Teaching for Mastery and this Work Group gives further opportunity to embed teaching for mastery in secondary schools, while also supporting schools and colleges to address the challenges of teaching GCSE Maths, so that all pupils are prepared for progression to post-16 education.

Teachers will increase their experience and understanding of:

  • the role of reasoning and problem solving in the curriculum and the mathematical pedagogy needed to support all pupils to develop these skills

  • how these skills are tested at GCSE

  • effective collaborative approaches to embed developments across a department