Embedding and Sustaining TfM Programme

The developmental journey schools take to design a teaching for mastery strategy appropriate for their staff and students is one that will take a number of years and the South Yorkshire Maths Hub aims to provide ongoing support. Once schools have taken part in the year long Primary Teaching for Mastery Programme or Secondary Teaching for Mastery Programme working alongside a Teaching for Mastery (TfM) specialist, the specialist team will continue to provide support for schools as they start to embed the TfM principles they have begun to address and further develop other aspects of classroom practice and whole school procedures.


There will be a range of workshops for participating schools to access. Key to this will be the action plan schools will draw up at the end of their first year of the programme and schools are encouraged to review these annually and keep the South Yorkshire Maths Hub up to date with identified priorities so that suitable workshops and work groups can be arranged.


Teachers will also have the opportunity to attend lesson observations hosted by other schools who have completed the programme. The aim of these are to showcase different aspects of Teaching for Mastery to enable teachers to reflect, discuss and review alongside their own practices.


Lesson observations will consist of a reflection of the lesson design, an in class observation and a collaborative post-lesson discussion. Lesson observations are FREE to attend and will take place around the South Yorkshire region.


The commitment from schools taking part in their initial year of the embedding programme is very dependent on their action plan and priorities. Following this, the schools will join the growing community of local schools who are at the sustaining phase of their developmental journey. There will still be the opportunity for engagement in work groups and participating schools are encouraged to continue to be represented at least at three lesson observations over an academic year.

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