Research & Innovation Work Groups 2021/22

Each year in addition to the Work Groups addressing the national priorities the South Yorkshire Maths Hub run Research and Innovation Work Groups to address the regions local priorities.

Read more below about which Research and Innovation Work Groups we are running this year and to sign up!

Understanding the characteristics of SEND

Barriers to learning affect all pupils however previous research has shown that different individual SEND needs affect mathematics learning in different ways, and as such these individuals require carefully considered scaffolding, support and challenge to access the curriculum, different to those students following mainstream age-related curriculum in mainstream schools. 

As every teacher is responsible for the SEND needs of all of their pupils, it will also be relevant to any teacher delivering the maths curriculum empowering them to address the needs of specific students not making progress within the classroom, to reduce or remove the gap between them and their peers.

Oracy (Primary)

Several reports have reference that COVID has had a significant impact on talking and reasoning and opportunities for Oracy within the classroom. Teachers need to secure their understanding of the impact that the specific pedagogy of Oracy can have on pupils securing mathematical thinking.  


How can Oracy deepen pupils' mathematical reasoning?  

Special note: For primary this will have a specific focus on the use of stem sentences, how are they successfully built into lessons to embed understanding and how do teachers plan for pupil explanations.

Subject Leadership (Primary)

There is some support for leaders of mathematics within the current primary NCPs, both subject leaders and headteachers.

How might a dedicated primary subject leadership Work Group or programme, in comparison to the current NCP support, improve leadership for sustainable school-wide development in mathematics?