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What is a Work Group?

The South Yorkshire Maths Hub is committed to supporting teachers of Mathematics to develop their practice by creating a local community of educators working collaborativey together. 

Along with the National Centre of Excellence in Teaching Mathematics (NCETM), Maths Hubs aim to deliver Work Groups in which colleagues work together on a specific focus of mathematical education. With the common aim to recognize, develop and exercise best practice.

A Work Group is:

  • Compromised of a group of schools who work on something together, normally involving 3 - 5 workshops throughout the year typically with one or two teachers from each school.

  • Led by a teacher or former teacher, expert both in the area of the Work Group and in leading teacher professional development.

  • Normally part of a national collaborative project, which supports the Work Group Leads and seeks to ensure lessons are learned from around the country

Each year, the NCETM works with Maths Hubs to decide the focus of individual Work Groups that will be run across the country for the academic year. These Work Groups are called National Collaborative Projects or NCPs.


Individual hubs also have the opportunity to lead new developments and suggest innovation groups to match the needs of their region.


Schools in every Work Group:

  • Work towards outcomes linked to teachers' professional learning, their practice development, the learning of the pupils they teach, and new approaches and policies in maths teaching across their school or department.

  • Maintain a focus on the classroom, often planning, observing and refining lessons together.

  • Evaluate the outcomes of the Work Group's activity, with collated findings being fed into the national picture and used to inform future work.

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