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Developing Core Maths Pedagogy

These Work Groups give teachers opportunities, through collaboration and experimentation, to develop improved teaching approaches that support the open-ended problem-solving skills Core Maths students need to develop, and to share these with departmental colleagues. 

Who can take part?

Participants should be experienced and developing teachers of Core Maths from schools and colleges in at least their second year of teaching Core Maths. Where appropriate, participants will be expected to work with colleagues in their own department.

What will you learn?

  • Your students will have raised awareness of the use of maths and statistics in everyday life

  • You will teach mathematical concepts and processes effectively through contextualised problem-solving

  • You will understand the philosophy of Core Maths

  • You will support your school/ college in developing clear ways of communicating and promoting its Core Maths offer

This project will contribute to the wider national effort to support teachers and leaders increase the growth in uptake and delivery of Core Maths in schools and colleges and to embed a culture of Core Maths within school and college maths departments with confidence.

The Developing Core Maths Pedagogy project is fully funded by the Maths Hubs Programme and the AMSP so is free to participating schools/colleges.

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