Developing Core Maths Pedagogy

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The Primary focus for Developing Core Maths in 21/22: Core Maths pedagogy to support Covid recovery


The West Yorkshire Maths Hub will be running this Work Group in 2021/22. This Work Group give teachers opportunities, through collaboration and experimentation, to develop improved teaching approaches that support the open-ended problem-solving skills Core Maths students need to develop, and to share these with departmental colleagues. Participant departments will support the role of Core Maths in promoting contextualised problem-solving and links to teaching in other subject areas.

The target group for lead participants in these Work Groups is all experienced and developing teachers of Core Maths

These Work Groups uniquely offer lead participants the opportunity for sustained Core Maths professional development through collaboration over time.

Participants will:

  • share approaches to the planning and delivery of the Core Maths curriculum

  • apply related pedagogical approaches in their Core Maths teaching to support Covid recovery

  • teach effectively mathematical concepts and processes through contextualised problem-solving

  • identify and make effective use of existing Core Maths resources

  • develop and trial contextualised problem-solving resources with Key Stage 4 students.


This project will contribute to the wider national effort to support teachers and leaders increase the growth in uptake and delivery of Core Maths in schools and colleges and to embed a culture of Core Maths within school and college maths departments with confidence.