Secondary Maths MAT Leads:

leading and developing mathematics teaching

The Secondary Maths MAT Leads project is a brand new project for 2021/22. The purpose of this programme is to offer focused support to those who lead mathematics across multiple schools within a MAT to enable them to better understand and develop effective maths pedagogy approaches across those schools. The project will also support participants to develop their role as a leader of system change, curriculum change, and teacher professional development.


This programme is suitable to schools regardless of whether there is a MAT-wide approach to maths or whether schools determine curriculum approaches individually.

Whilst it is recognised that those who lead maths across a MAT are often the subject lead for both primary and secondary, the key focus for this programme is their work with secondary teachers, although consideration will be given to transition and how the different phases relate to each other.


The intentions of this programme are:

  • for secondary MAT maths leads to develop a good understanding of effective maths pedagogy and recognise teaching for mastery as such

  • to develop the secondary MAT maths leads as leaders of professional development, both with teachers and teacher leaders

  • to develop the secondary MAT maths leads as leaders of curriculum change in order that they can:-

- support those departments implementing a teaching for mastery approach

- and/or implement a teaching for mastery approach across all the schools they have responsibility for

  • where applicable, to enable secondary MAT maths leads to support and make effective use of any SMS or Mastery Advocates they have within their Trustto provide opportunities for these leaders to work collaboratively with their peers.

  • This project provides an opportunity for participants to deepen their understanding of effective pedagogical approaches and to recognise teaching for mastery as exactly this, of their wider roles, and of their capacity with their colleagues to transform secondary maths learning.