Secondary Subject Leadership Work Groups


The Secondary Subject Leadership Work Group is a new project in 2021/22. The purpose of this

project is to offer focused support to secondary heads of department/subject leaders, to enable

them to better understand and implement teaching for mastery approaches across their department,

and to develop in their role as leaders of both pupil learning and teacher professional development. 


Participants in their first year of this project will be part of Work Groups exploring common themes,

with bespoke adjustments appropriate to local contexts and needs.


In the second and subsequent years of engagement, participants are expected to continue their participation as part of a Maths Hub-led subject leadership community.

Who can get involved?

Secondary heads of department/subject leaders. The project is open to heads of department in schools already involved with Maths Hubs and to those who are not yet involved.

What will you learn?

Subject leaders will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the vision, principles and pedagogies associated with teaching for mastery

  • Gain a clearer understanding of the leadership and management skills required to enable them to effectively promote and develop teaching for mastery approaches within their own departments

  • Understand the principles and practices behind the creation of a coherent and connected curriculum which promotes teaching for mastery

  • Understand the benefits of collaborative professional development for sustained development of professional knowledge and practice within a department.