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Secondary Subject Leadership Work Groups


The purpose of this project is to offer focused support to secondary heads of department/subject leaders,
to enable
them to better understand and implement teaching for mastery approaches across their
and to develop in their role as leaders of both pupil learning and teacher professional


In their first year of engagement with this project, participants will be part of a Work Group. In subsequent
years they will be part of a Maths Hub-led subject leadership community.

What is involved?

Local Work Groups will follow a cycle of workshops followed by school-based tasks. Participants will support each other through the sharing of leadership strategies and practices. A vibrant professional learning community will be created through peer-to-peer discussions and expert input. Participants will also create an action plan for their department.

Much of the work will involve each individual department working on elements of their action plan and developing collaborative ways of working which support their professional development. As well as exploring the needs of their own department, participants will benefit from the expertise and experiences of the group of departments represented.

What will you learn?

  • You will promote and develop a shared vision, culture and set of principles for teaching and learning in maths

  • You will ensure coherence in the curriculum and provide support for teaching for mastery across the department

  • You and your department will establish collaborative ways of working to support ongoing developments

  • You will develop in your ability to lead change

The Secondary Subject Leadership project is fully funded by the Maths Hubs Programme so is free to participating schools.

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