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Core Maths

Core Maths gives teachers opportunities, through collaboration and experimentation, to develop improved teaching approaches that support the open-ended problem-solving skills Core Maths students need and share these with departmental colleagues. Participant departments will support the role of Core Maths in promoting contextualised problem-solving and links to teaching in other subject areas.

This Work Group, ran collaboratively by the Maths Hubs Network and the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP), will contribute to the wider national effort to grow that pool, and embed Core Maths confidence and culture within school and college maths departments.

The intended outcomes of this Work Group are:

  • Participants, and where appropriate colleagues in their department, will understand the philosophy of Core Maths, with its approach to maths through contextualised problem-solving.

  • Participants will develop their understanding by exploring a range of common Core Maths approaches and topics (e.g. Fermi problems, critical analysis of numbers in the media) and their use of pre-release materials.

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