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If you teach, or are in any way involved in maths education, in the area served by South Yorkshire Maths Hub, then you are already part of our hub.The maths hub works with schools to provide opportunities for continuing professional development seeking to develop the teaching of maths in schools.

All professional development is based on a policy of working with schools in a collaborative effort to bring about achievement of learners through a deepening of understanding of both teachers and pupils.

Opportunities for schools

Programme of professional development are generally facilitated through Work Groups that are made available FREE to schools each year.

For the latest Work Groups follow these links to;


 Early Years, Primary, Secondary & Post 16

The Teaching for Mastery programme focuses specifically on the development of a teaching for mastery strategy and is available both at Primary & Secondary.

Each year there are a number of engagement events including the Shanghai showcase lessons demonstrated by visiting Chinese teachers. 

Other engagement events are advertised on our monthly e-newsletter 

Work Groups are led by a team of local leaders of maths education (LLMEs)

Opportunities to develop as an LLME

If you wish to register or develop as a leader of professional development beyond your school, please contact

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