Mastery Readiness

What is Mastery Readiness?


The Mastery Readiness Programme has been created for schools to prepare them for starting the Primary Teaching for Mastery Programme.  The Mastery Readiness Programme has been developed to provide collaborative training and bespoke support, which aims to provide a stepping stone to take schools into the ‘main’ Teaching for Mastery Programme. Maths Hubs do recommend that schools participate in this programme as it prepares schools for the next step with a full understanding of the Primary TfM Programme. 

Schools participating in this programme will be given priority when applying to join the Development Work Groups the following year and will benefit from two further years of support.

The programme works with schools on 5 ideas of Mastery Readiness:


Vision and Shared Culture

Subject Expertise

Mathematical Mindset


Arithmetic Proficiency

Participating schools will be part of a group of up to seven schools working together at development workshops. Schools Maths Leads and another teacher (along with the headteacher initially) will attend these regular training events (five work shops in total). The Mastery Readiness Lead from your local Maths Hub will regularly visit your school to offer bespoke support, tailored to your school’s specific needs.

Click here to read a case study from a school on the Mastery Readiness Programme in Northumberland.

The development workshops and bespoke support include:


• An introduction to mastery, how to prepare a school to be ready to implement teaching for mastery, initial steps both in leadership and in classroom teaching, and strategies for overcoming potential barriers.


• Support for the headteacher in addressing leadership issues related to mathematics and contributing to raising standards.

• Support for maths leaders in identifying key issues in maths for the school and how to address them.


• Opportunity to work closely with other schools also developing mastery readiness.

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