New to Teaching Core Maths Programme


This is a brand new programme starting in 2021/22 which the South Yorkshire Maths Hub will be running!

The purpose of this programme is to support teachers, who are new to teaching Core Maths, in developing

specialist knowledge for teaching Core Maths and to increase their confidence in teaching the course.

Primary focus for 2021/22: Core Maths pedagogy

The programme has a primary focus on Core Maths subject knowledge and pedagogy and will be based on these six key themes which are common to all the Core Maths specifications:

  • Using contextualised problem-solving

  • Applying Fermi estimation and modelling

  • Developing critical analysis

  • Making sense of finance

  • Using the pre-release materials

  • Exploring statistics.

Technology and online teaching will be underlying themes throughout the programme

The programme is part of the progression of support available to teachers of Core Maths:

  • Preparing to Teach Core Maths – LOPD, webinars, festivals etc.

  • New to teaching Core Maths – this programme

  • experienced and developing teachers of Core Maths – Developing Core Maths Pedagogy (Work Groups)

  • teachers of Core Maths preparing to lead professional development – NCETM Accredited PD Lead programme (Core Maths).


These programmes help support the post-16 strategic goal as their introduction is in partnership and collaboration with the AMSP in providing a clear pathway of support for Core Maths teachers. This NCP consists of direct partnership working between the Maths Hubs Network and the AMSP.