Secondary non-specialist Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics


This year saw the introduction of a programme for secondary non-specialist teachers of mathematics being provided by Maths Hubs. Due to the increased backing of this work group by the DfE we have a new cohort starting in June.

There will be three face-to-face sessions taking place after the completion of GCSE examinations prior to the end of this academic year. The programme will then continue in September with shorter online sessions taking place. It is hoped that this approach will allow schools to significantly strengthen subject and curriculum knowledge for their non-specialist teachers prior to the start of the 2022/23 year and continue to support and develop them into the new school year.

The programme will support non-specialist teachers in developing specialist knowledge for teaching maths, thus enabling them to understand, teach and support pupils in the maths classroom.

The programme is aligned to the NCETM teaching for mastery pedagogy and is based on six key themes:

  • Structure of the number system

  • Operating on number

  • Multiplicative reasoning

  • Sequences and graphs

  • Statistics and probability

  • Geometry.

This programme is provided for non-specialist teachers of maths in state-funded schools who fit the following definition: 

'A non-specialist teacher of mathematics is a teacher in a state funded school or college that is currently teaching some mathematics or has a commitment from a headteacher/executive headteacher to teach some mathematics within the next year who has not undertaken initial teacher training (ITT) in mathematics’

For the purpose of clarity this could include:

a) Non-specialist QTS qualified teacher with an active commitment from their school to teach maths within the next year.

b) Non-specialist non-QTS teacher with an active commitment from their school to teach maths within the next academic year.

c) Overseas-trained maths teacher (from EEA or big 4) with:

    - QTS obtained through the mutual recognition route

    - Resident in the UK and eligible to work in England

    - Have an approved teaching post in a secondary school or college with commitment from their new school to complete SKTM


Non-specialist teachers of maths will improve their subject and curriculum knowledge of secondary maths with a particular emphasis on mathematical structures in key areas.