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Continuing the Mastery journey in EYFS

 Continuing the Mastery journey in EYFS is a Work Group aimed at class teachers, EYFS leaders or maths leaders who wish to continue their maths mastery journey in EYFS and have accessed the South Yorkshire Maths Hub Beginning the Mastery journey in EYFS last year or previous ROSIS EYFS ‘mastery’ approach training. Please note: these sessions are aimed at the age 3-5 age range.

Participants will access newly-developed resources and benefit from expert input.

The Work Group will explore CPD based on the six NCETM EYFS themes of: cardinality, composition, comparison, pattern, shape and measures. The Work Group will focus on working with the participants knowledge of deep mathematical thinking in EYFS already built from previous Work Groups and continue to create an impact in the classroom.

The Work Group includes school to school visits and peer observations with an allocated partner school.

The Work Group participants will complete 5 sessions over the academic year and be given gap tasks to complete throughout. There also will be a task to engage in an informal school to school visit with a partner school and complete a short case study.

Free to join!

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